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Proven SaaS leader removing bullshit from marketing

As a Fractional CMO, CRO, and Marketing Advisor, Andy helps your sales and marketing teams focus on commercial success. His approach is a pure account-based marketing play. Providing your organization with a bullshit-free approach to Account Based Marketing (ABM), motivating and exciting your teams and delivering better outcomes, i.e. revenue.

  1. Identify your Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  2. Align marketing & sales
  3. Create meaningful touchpoints with your TAM

Only 8% of marketing and sales teams have alignment 

Chances are you’re part of the 92% that aren’t. The good news is, I can help.

Having experience on both sides of the fence – sales and marketing – I have a unique perspective to help companies like yours succeed.


Andy Culligan

is an Austrian-based, Irish marketing leader, who specializes in revenue growth and scaling up SaaS businesses. He’s a great supporter (and practitioner) of aligning marketing and sales to close more deals.

With an extensive background in sales and marketing, Andy’s core focus lies in utilizing a proactive and personalized marketing approach to sales. Combined with executing on the right channels with the right content to the right accounts (ABM), it is the recipe worth implementing in order to grow revenue.

Oh, and we can get quicker results.

A Few Things to Feast Your Eyes On


Fractional CMO | CRO | Marketing Advisor



EXPONEA (acquired by Bloomreach)

VP Marketing

EMARSYS (acquired by SAP)

Director of Global Demand Generation


Working with Andy is a pleasure. Professional and experienced within SaaS B2B Marketing & Sales Alignment, but also straight forward and is not afraid of getting hands dirty to get things done. By that, we aligned Marketing and Sales, established an automized business development and overachieved our marketing and sales targets.

Patrick Moser


It’s safe to say that Andy has had a massive impact on our business. Operating as our fractional CMO/CRO, he has managed to align the marketing and sales teams’ efforts resulting in us doubling our total revenue in just over 4 months. The numbers speak for themselves.

Paige McPheely


Andy Culligan is the personification of what you expect from a Global Enterprise SaaS CMO.
I have enjoyed working with Andy in a very strong growing environment where he and the Marketing Team were a key pillar to drive company growth and develop a stable ABM process framework together with the sales team to support that.

Paul Polak


I was pleasantly surprised that after just 5 weeks of cooperation with Andy, we started to get more traction within our ICP and fill our pipeline

Paul Arpikari


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